A Catalog of Martha Maxwell’s Menagerie of Mammal and Bird Specimens (2017)
Edition of 5
8.5x6x2”, 310p., gilt edges
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Martha Maxwell's Menagerie illustrates lists of Maxwell’s specimens made by Elliot Coues and Robert Ridgeway to create a nineteenth-century style natural history folio. Combing through existing books and images (a contemporary mediated searching) to find each animal mimics Maxwell’s hunting in the field. The creatures are pasted onto chroma-key green rectangles, a background of cinematic, imagined potential, to highlight their extraction from the environment.

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Edition of 500
8-fold book, 5.5x4.25" folded, 11x17" unfolded. 6 pages, 9 photographs printed on a digital press.
Please see Frame Drag project section for additional images.

The front and back cover depict "trophy walls" of animal photos cut from a daily calendar. The interior pages show a progression of photographs of my son taping over a photograph of a deer, gradually covering the deer up to his antlers, concluding with the taping of the adjacent light switch. The book can be unfolded to reveal the back of the sheet, containing an enlarged image of the deer from the “trophy wall”. The book’s owner may continue the activity by taping or pinning this deer to his or her own wall.

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Cave Drawings (2012)
Edition of 100
8.5 x 11"; 50 pages of photographs and drawings printed on a digital press. Please see the Cave Drawings project section for additional images.

Cave Drawings - I'm all out!
A few copies may remain at:
Photo Eye, Walker Art Center, and LeBAL


Greetings From Colma (2004)
Edition of 150
4 x 6"; 36 postcards in red paper wrap case with slip-in tab closure. Printed on a four color press by Nomad Printing. Deluxe edition, in blue cloth covered box with map of Colma lining interior (ed. #1-25). Standard edition in red envelope (ed. #26-150). Please see the Greetings From Colma project section for additional images.

Colma Photo

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Target (2004)
Edition of 7
13.5 x 8"; 32 pages. Archival inkjet and letterpress printing. The cover label and bookmark are actual items recovered from the factory. Please see the Target project section for a page by page display of the book.

Target Photo

Target $600 - US ORDER - International ORDER